Water Line Replacement Whittier

For residential homes, going without clean running water is unacceptable. Running water is a luxury that we have become accustomed to throughout the years, so it’s usually something that we forget is even a luxury. Unfortunately, water lines do age and the older they get, the more susceptible they are to the effects of nature such as tree root invasion, freezing, thawing, and even ground movement. A neglected water line can lead to a bigger, complicated, and very expensive fix - that’s why you should have your water line inspected regularly to ensure that your line is functioning properly as well as preventing future emergencies.

Our professionals at One Way Rooter will be sure to let you know when it’s time to start thinking about current water line replacement and installing a new, upgraded water line. If you haven’t scheduled a routine inspection of your plumbing systems, be sure to give us a call to get one on the books. We’ll work around your schedule to figure out a time that works best for you and your family.

If you are noticing any of the signs below, you will need to consider replacing your water line immediately.
● Low/no access to clean running water.
● Weak water pressure.
● Unusual noises in your pipes, such as whistling or banging.
● Consistently wet areas of your landscape.

Water Line Installation

Water line installations have come a long way in the plumbing industry and One Way Rooter has stepped up with up to date equipment and techniques. Gone are the days of digging up our client’s lawns in order to repair, replace, or install a new water line. With One Way Rooter’s state of the art equipment, we’ll be able to get the job done in less than a day, on your schedule, and, most importantly, as cost-effective as possible. New techniques such as trenchless line repairs enable our professionals to dig just a few small holes in order to replace the outdated line, rather than disrupt household with large holes in the middle of your lawn. We’ll work hard to leave your property the way we found it.

Call Now

If you think that your home may be in need of a new water line, don’t hesitate, give us a call immediately! Each day that passes with an improperly installed, broken, or worn out water heater brings you closer to a property disaster that will be both unsafe and very expensive. Our inspectors will use new techniques such as video camera inspecting equipment to give you a clear picture of your current water line situation and the best steps to take going forward. Then, One Way Rooter will work with you to find the best plan that works within your budget.