Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining

Don't replace -rehabilitate! Relining saves you money.

pipereline Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining

The process of rehabilitating pipes using relining was invented in the UK over 30 years ago.  Relining technology systems and materials have been utilized to install millions of feet of relined pipe worldwide.

Why Reline?

  • It’s Less Costly than full replacement

  • It’s Faster than replacing the original line

  • It’s Minimally distruptive

  • It Prevents Roots from intruding into the pipe in the future and seals cracks.

  • It Renews the pipe giving you years of service life.

  • It uses industry standard material with a 50 year service life.

The trench-less process:

Our technician visits your location and determines what is needed. pipereline_1-300x191 Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining
The pipe is thoroughly cleaned using a high pressure jetting process. pipereline_2-300x95 Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining
The liner is installed into the cleaned line. pipereline_3-300x95 Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining
The repaired line is returned to full service. pipereline_4-300x95 Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining

The Ideal Solution

As a Relining Technologies solutions provider, One Way Rooter strives to provide timely, exceptional service at a reasonable price. We understand the urgency involved when a crisis occurs and do our best to respond immediately. We work to bring our clients the latest technology and cutting-edge solutions available to cost-effectively repair and return their critical water and sewer services to optimum operation with the least amount of disruption and costly damage property.