Copper Repiping

Galvanized pipes (water lines) in older homes rust and deteriorate over time. As galvanized iron pipes age, the zinc coating gradually wears away, exposing the iron. The unprotected iron rusts rapidly in the presence of water, just as iron rusts when it is exposed to rain. Most pre-1970 homes were plumbed with this type of piping and will require repiping. The rust builds up inside the pipes, restricting the flow of water to fixtures which creates annoying symptoms such as:

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Shower temperature changes when a toilet is flushed or water is used elsewhere in the home
  • Water quality is compromised by a foul smell or discoloration
  • Rust spots in toilets and sinks as well as laundered clothes
galvanized-pipe Copper Repiping
A corroded pipe

As rust and deterioration worsen, pipes begin to leak. Often times, leaks are hidden inside walls, in the attic, or under the house, potentially causing major damage to your home.

Copper Repiping will provide great water pressure throughout your home, improve delivery of hot water, eliminate costly water damage repair bills, and will reduce your water bill.

One Way Rooter and Plumbing are specialists in replacing old, galvanized piping with copper piping. Our knowledgeable and conscientious technicians will take extra precaution to perform the job efficiently and keep your home neat and clean

Experience the difference new copper piping adds to water efficiency and to the value of your home!

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