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Residential Plumbing

From clearing drains, toilets and sewer lines to repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures, faucets, shut-off valves, or hose bibs, the skilled technicians at One Way Rooter and Plumbing are always prepared and equipped to service your plumbing needs. In many instances, plumbing repairs are completed within one service call to save you time and money.

Don’t settle for half-working fixtures. If you have leaking pipes, a bad water heater in need of replacement, low water pressure, broken faucets, or sinks or toilets in need of repair, we are here to help you.

Some of our residential services include:

  • Sewer Diagnostics
  • Water Main Leaks
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Copper Re-Piping
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Toilets & Faucets
  • Sinks & Water Heaters
  • Dishwashers, Showers & Tubs
  • Gas Leak Repair
  • Wall Heaters
When replacement parts or fixtures are necessary, we will evaluate the plumbing need and also recommend the most cost efficient solutions.

Your plumbing is essential to your everyday life, and any residential plumbing repairs or installations should be left to the experts.  We promise to give you a fair and honest price with no hidden charges or repairs you don’t need. If you require residential plumbing services be sure to contact One Way Rooter and Plumbing, trusted for over 35 years.

5 star ratingI called to schedule an appointment and I kid you not, here within minutes!  Amazing!  I was handed Tom's business card but didn't ask for the person's name.  If who I met was the owner, I want you to know I was beyond satisfied with not only how quick the service was performed but also how friendly and informative you were.  Thank you so much for looking at the warehouse sink and doing the quick fix at no additional charge.  You are one of a kind.  We'll be calling you and recommending you to anyone who may need your service.  THANK YOU!

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Marisa A.