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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a modern plumbing technique that relies on water pressure to clear plumbing lines of pesky gunk and debris. More specifically, hydro jetting is effective in clearing hair, soap residue, and grease from water lines as well as sand, silt, mineral deposits, scale buildup, and even tree roots from pipes and drains. It’s a one-size-fits-all fix!

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

So, hydro jetting is an effective high pressure water jetting technique used to de-clog pipes. But how does it work, exactly? Allow us to explain.

Diagnosing the Water Line Blockage

The hydro jetting process begins with the initial diagnostic step. This means determining precisely what the problem is and deciding whether hydro jetting will help. A professional plumber will want to talk to you about exactly what’s going on with your pipes and the overall status of your plumbing.

The next step will involve a video inspection of your clogged pipes using a special camera. If the results indicate severe buildup and water line blockage or drain blockage, then hydro jetting will likely be recommended.

The Hydro Jetting Process

After the plumber has diagnosed the problem, the real work can begin. The actual process of hydro jetting starts by attaching a specific kind of nozzle to a water hose. This nozzle makes use of various types of water jets to move water in multiple directions, ensuring that the interior of the pipes are completely cleaned.

High-quality pumps are then employed to push water through the hose all the way to the pipe walls. This high-pressure water jetting technique thoroughly cleans the pipes, leaving no debris or water line blockage behind. The results are both impressive and long-lasting!

Hydro Jetting Requires a Professional

Hydro jetting is an extremely useful technique in clearing water lines and drain blockages. The only downside is that it’s a complex process, and it requires expertise in order to be accomplished without damaging water lines. That is, only a trained hydro jetting technician will know how much pressure to apply in order to thoroughly clean the pipes without busting them.  We don't recommend that you try to flush out your pipes on your own!

Hydro Jetting vs Snaking

So how does high pressure water jetting (or hydro jetting) differ from traditional snaking methods?

Hydro jetting employs the use of a high-power water jet machine to flush sludge and debris from pipes. This is a much more effective technique for softer types of blockages such as grease buildup, for example. Snaking using cable machines still has its role in clearing solid blockages such as tree roots, for instance, but this technique isn’t as good at flushing out softer material.

With snaking, you’re basically making a hole through the sludge for water to run through. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, completely cleans the interior of the pipes, restoring them to a like-new condition.


Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is one of the best tools in a professional plumber’s arsenal. Check out just a few of the many benefits of this contemporary water jetting technique:

Thorough Cleaning

When a plunger just isn’t doing the job any longer, it’s time to call in a more comprehensive approach to your plumbing problems. Hydro jetting is often recommended to homeowners who experience recurrent pipe blockages. That’s because this high pressure water jetting technique results in a thorough cleaning with long-lasting benefits. Not only will it solve any current clogs and drain blockages, but it will also prevent them from reoccurring in the future. That means less disruption to your home and family in the long run.

100% Safe

When you use a professional plumbing service like One Way Rooter and Plumbing, you can trust that the hydro jetting technique employed will be 100% safe for your pipes. Unlike DIY methods like chemical drain cleaners, hydro jetting uses all natural solutions (i.e., water and pressure!) to thoroughly clean out your pipes.

Traditional augers and cables used during snaking can also pose risks to your pipes. With a trained professional on the job, there’s virtually no risk of structural damage to your pipes or your home with hydro jetting.

Quick and Efficient

With a trusted plumbing service like One Way Rooter and Plumbing, hydro jetting is a swift and painless process. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done efficiently so you can get back to your life. You can also count on us to clean up after ourselves once the job is done.

Commercial Hydro Jetting

Many businesses, especially restaurants, rely on professional hydro jetting services to keep their pipes—and their operations—running smoothly. Water line blockages and commercial drain line blockages due to built-up grease and sludge can cause pipes to clog and plumbing to shut down. For a business, this type of disruption means lost profit and customers. No company can afford to have that type of interruption to their revenue stream.

Depending on your individual business’s needs, you may need a thorough high pressure water jetting service once or twice per year or on a more frequent basis.  The service pays for itself in recovered downtime and saves you a lot of hassle as well.

Call One Way Rooter and Plumbing for all of your residential and commercial hydro jetting needs!

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