Drain Cleaning Whittier

One Way Rooter offers professional drain cleaning services on your budget, when you need it most. Residential drains face a multitude of elements in the home such as grease, soap, hair, dirty, sand, minerals, and more. If it can fit down the drain, it’s probably been in there. While dirty drains are considered a common problem when it comes to your plumbing system upkeep, it can be a costly one if left unchecked for too long. One Way Rooter’s expert team knows exactly how to handle all kinds of dirty drains and clogs and will be sure to keep your drain flowing for years to come.

We strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call if you begin to see any of the symptoms of a dirty drain. This can include:

● Unusual and distinct odors such as sewage or rotting food.
● Slow draining water.
● Unusual noises coming from the drain such as bubbling or gurgling.
● Water does not go down the drain or it comes back up.

These are just a few of the symptoms that you may discover, so be on the safe side and give us a call. We’ll determine, over the phone, if you are in need of a routine drain inspection.

A Dirty DIY

We strongly urge you NOT to attempt to clean the drain yourself. While it may seem like a common fix, do-it-yourself techniques and chemicals can actually do more harm to your pipes than good. Our professionals are fully-trained and have years of experience dealing with dirty drains. Drain cleaning is considered a dirty job and should only be handled by an expert with the correct sanitary training. We’ll get the job quickly, thoroughly, and most importantly, we’ll clean up after ourselves.

State of the Art Equipment

At One Way Rooter, we work with only the best, state of the art equipment to get the job done such as video camera drain and pipe inspection tools. By using the cameras to get an inside look at your pipes, we can pinpoint exactly where and how to clean your drain.

A Dirty Emergency?

Are you dealing with a severely clogged drain? If so, hydro jetting may be the answer to your troubles. Hydro jetting is a safe, effective technique that passes water through your drains at an exact high PSI pressure to effectively clean out even the toughest of buildup for years to come.

Call Today

Don’t let gunk and debris build ups wreak havoc on your drains and daily routine. Give us a call NOW and we’ll be sure to send out one of our expert inspectors to diagnose the clog and walk you through the steps that we can take together to clean it. Remember, neglected drains can cause damage and health hazards, so don’t wait!