Commercial Water Heater Whittier

A working, quality water heater is an essential part of any business. Whether running a local shop, a restaurant, a start-up, or an office building, hot water is a required commodity in the business world and should be considered a top priority for any business owner or enterprise. Consistent hot, clean water is a necessary staple for a variety of daily tasks such as workplace cleanliness, workforce hygiene, break rooms, and more.

If you are a business owner looking to install a high-end, quality water-heater to support the daily tasks of your business, you should carefully consider and pick a licensed and trustworthy company of professionals to complete this much-needed task. That is why you should put your trust in our team at One Way Rooter.

Avoid Workplace Accidents

An improperly installed water heater can cause significant, extensive, and expensive damage to your business, and more importantly, the safety of your staff. These dangers include water damage, dangerously hot burning water, and various fire hazards. That’s not even to mention the potential legal repercussions to an unfortunate workplace incident revolving around a poorly installed water heater. It’s crucial that you allow a trained, educated, and experienced professional to install any type of plumbing appliances in your business-space, especially the water heater.

Our plumbers are skilled, certified, and knowledgeable about the entire installation process and upkeep. You’ll sleep easy knowing that your water heater has been installed well beyond industry standards when it comes to safety and we’ll make sure that your educated on how to care for the day-to-day simple maintenance of your heater.

Going Tankless?

A recent innovation has allowed water heaters to go tankless. The benefits of a tankless heater are that:
● Less bulkier-and space consuming that regular water heaters.
● Provides continuous hot water by heating the water on-demand.
● They are better for the environment by reducing energy usage as well as being made from recycled materials.
● They have a longer life-cycle and are generally able to lower your electric bill.

Tankless water heaters do cost more money upfront but can dramatically lower your energy expenses over time. While they do carry a multitude of safety benefits, tankless water heaters should still be installed by a trained professional, such as One Way Rooter, to avoid improper amateur installation mistakes that can cause huge issues for your business and safety. Be sure to give us a call to learn more about our tankless heater installations.

Call Now!

Give us a call and we’ll setup a time that works best for your work schedule to have our friendly experts come out to give you an estimate that works well within your company’s budget. Remember, the safest way to install a new hot water heater is by having a trustworthy professional do the work for you. We’ll make sure that you’re water heater provides a safe comfort, rather than a potentially dangerous nuisance. We do things the one right way, the One Way Rooter way.