Commercial Water Heater Repair & Replacements Whittier

Your building has a water heater, but it’s not working all that; hot water runs out during maintenance shifts and there is a definite lack of warm water for your workers to use when washing their hands after using the facilities. These issues can be a sure sign that you’re going to have to replace or repair the current system’s water heater. Water heaters are a vital and potentially trick part of your commercial plumbing systems, but they are a necessity in the workplace. The older you building’s water heater, the more likely that wear and tear will cause issues in the near-future. One team at One War Rooter is fully trained and prepared to handle all commercial water heater needs, including repairs and installation.

A Cold Problem

There are a multitude of issues that could be affecting your heater and your hot water supply. It’s vital to have your water heater inspected regularly, to prevent issues before they become emergencies. Our water heater inspectors and trained and ready to detect any problems that your water heater may be having, whether it be from typical wear and tear, poor installation, or environmental factors. These issues include:
● Leaks
● Broken valves or pipes
● Corroded tanks
● Faulty thermocouples (affecting temperature!)
● And more

Our water heater services include:
● Water Heater maintenance
● Routine tank flushing
● Repair
● Valve checks
● Tank draining
● And more!

Once your water heater is installed, it will need all of the above services if you want to keep the hot water running. Most issues can be prevented with the proper professional care. The professional technicians at One Way Rooter will keep you water heater up the date, clean, and working like brand new for years to come, saving you time and stress.

Trust Us, We’ve Got This

An improperly installed or repaired water heater can cause disastrous circumstances and expensive damage to your business’s environment. If you’re looking to repair and replace a heater, it’s best to bring in experts that you can trust. These dangers can include intense burning hot water, water damage, and fire hazards - all things that you’re customers, clients, and workforce can surely live without. Don’t needlessly risk legal ramifications of workplace incidents trying to cut corners. One Way Rooter’s trained water heater technicians can eliminate the risk with thorough and quick service, repairs, and maintenance.

Call Now

After contacting One Way Rooter, we’ll send out one of our friendly experts to inspect and diagnose any and all issues that may be plaguing your heater. From there, we’ll make a plan with you that fits within your budget and timeline, whether that be repairs and a full replacement heater. Our priority is making sure that your business is safe and warm for the long-haul, not just a short term fix. Remember, the safest way to install a new hot water heater is by having a trustworthy professional do the work for you. We’ll make sure that you’re water heater provides a safe comfort, rather than a dangerous nuisance. We do things the one right way, the One Way Rooter way.