Commercial Leak Detection Whittier

Leaks can be a tricky problem to deal with, especially within offices, restaurants, shops, and all other commercial buildings. While they are a common and fairly simple fix, the causes aren’t always so obvious. Leaks can start almost anywhere within your business’s plumbing system, so if you or your staff begin to hear or report any of the signs of leaking pipes, it’s important to contact a trusted service, experienced in commercial plumbing repair, such as One Way Rooter.

Signs of a Slab Leak

Most leaks are simple to pinpoint and are exposed in a way that is easily accessible to our plumbers. However, other leaks can hide behind concrete walls or underneath the foundations cement floor and in some commercial buildings, that can be a very large search area. These lekas (commonly called slab leaks) are difficult to locate and fix, requiring the help of trained technicians and state of the art equipment. Luckily enough, we have both!

As stated, a slab leak is a leak that is hidden behind a concrete wall or basement floor. While you may not have the necessary tools to locate the leaks specific location, you can still follow the signs as listed:

● Clear water damage to your foundation.
● The smell of mildew in your basement.
● Unusually high water bills (trust us, you’ll notice this!).
● Water damaged drywall on lower levels.
● The sound of running water, even when faucets and toilets aren’t.

It is important that you call us immediately if you begin to suspect that you may have a slab leak, based on the symptoms above. We’ll have our expert inspectors come out to your business, using state of the art, high-end equipment to detect where the origins of all plumbing leaks. Our professionals are trained and experienced in such tools as:

● Acoustic listening equipment, which uses sounds to help locate the leak.
● Video inspection equipment, where we use a small video camera to get a peek inside your pipes. We can also items such as lost jewelry via this method!
● Soil probes, which can measure pressurized water in your soil.

When One Way Rooter plumbers and inspectors combine these techniques, we can spot even the most hidden leak.

We’ll Fix the Leak (Even the Hard See Ones)!

Our friendly and respectful plumbers are trained in slab leaks and will be able to create a tiny hole in the concrete, allowing them to fix the specific area when the leak is happening. This allows us to take care of the problem quickly, with minimal disruption to the day’s productivity.

But don’t feel like you have to call us ONLY for the complicated leaks. We’ll fix anything from a leaky faucet to leaky toilets. While these leaks may not be as intensive as the above mentioned it is important that they are handled with expertise and care. If neglected, leaking pipes can cause mildew, mold, and expensive water damage. Commercial property isn’t cheap nor easy to come by, let’s attack these leaks early before they become emergencies.

Call Us!

Don’t wait! Give us a call as soon as you see or hear any signs of a leak. We’ll work with you to inspect, diagnose, and give you an estimate that works within your budget. Our work is made to last for years to come, don’t settle for short term solutions. Call One Way Rooter today!