Clogged Drains Whittier

Of all the issues that residential home owners face when it comes to their in-house plumbing, clogged drains tops the list. While clogged drains are a common problem, they can become costly nuisance if not properly dealt with or prevented. Clogged drains can annoyingly disrupt the daily tasks, chores, and lifestyle of everyday homeowners and possibly severely damage plumbing systems if left unchecked and unclean. This will lead to a more intensive and expensive process when it comes to clearing out those severely gunked up spots. One Way Rooter’s team of plumbers know just what to when your drains clog up and how to keep them from clogging up in the future.

What Causes a Clog?

Drain clogs come from a number of factors. While we all hope that only water goes down our faucet, toilet, and bathtub drains, usually what ends flows down along with the water gets stuck in the sides of the pipes, resulting in a buildup over time. This buildup can be made of hair, food, dirt, sand, grease, soap, toilet paper, and various other foreign objects; if it can fit down the drain, the chances are that it’s somehow in there.

There are multiple signs that you may have clogged drains. These signs will be apparent and if you notice them, you should give our experts at One Way Rooter a call right away. We cannot stress enough that a neglected drain or pipe can cause serious issues within your household, whether it be a clogged shower drain or a clogged kitchen sink.

● Noticeable pools of water outside of the kitchen sink or bathtub.
● A distinct sewer odor radiates from the drains.
● A distinct smell of rotting food.
● Water drains slowly or even backs up out of the drain.
● A strange “gurgling” sound emits from the drains.

If you notice something abnormal not listed above, please feel free to give us a call. There are numerous signs of a clogged drain and we’ll walk you through the steps to find out if you drains are in need of cleaning.

A Clean Solution

DIY techniques and store bought chemical solutions tend to be ineffective, wasteful, and only effective as a short term solution a clogged drain. At One Way Rooter, our expert plumbers are trained in effective, long-term, drain cleaning services with up to date technology and equipment that will leave you drains sucking down water as if they were brand new. Give us a call and we’ll have one of our team members conduct a diagnostic report of your drains, letting you know where and how the drain will need to be cleaned. Together, we’ll work with you to set up a budget and time that works best for you and your household, with minimal disruption to your everyday lives.

Emergency Cleaning Needed?

If you feel or if we find that your drains may be in need of an emergency cleaning due to severe clogs, we may recommend a hydro jetting treatment; a safe and effective technique to clear out severe buildup for years to come. Learn more about our hydro jetting techniques here.