Our Services

Commercial Plumbing

One Way Rooter and Plumbing has consistently proven to be a trusted leader in the commercial plumbing industry with the knowledge and expertise in best plumbing practices. Our fast and reliable response time, 24/7 is invaluable commmercial property owners and managers. We understand how commercial plumbing projects require different techniques and equipment compared to residential [...]

Copper Repiping

Copper Repiping Galvanized pipes (water lines) in older homes rust and deteriorate over time. As galvanized iron pipes age, the zinc coating gradually wears away, exposing the iron. The unprotected iron rusts rapidly in the presence of water, just as iron rusts when it is exposed to rain. Most pre-1970 homes were plumbed with this [...]

Drain Cleaning

The most common plumbing problem. No other plumbing problem is more common or more frustrating than a clogged drain in need of drain cleaning.  Drains are a vital part of your home’s plumbing system.  Most drains have a water trap that prevents sewage gasses from coming back up and into your house.  This is a [...]

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing Service is just a call away! At One Way Rooter and Plumbing we know that a plumbing disaster can strike at any time of the day or night.  When terrible things happen, like a broken pipe or a drain that has backed up and threatens to unleash sewage, we are always ready and [...]

Residential Plumbing

From clearing drains, toilets and sewer lines to repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures, faucets, shut-off valves, or hose bibs, the skilled technicians at One Way Rooter and Plumbing are always prepared and equipped to service your plumbing needs. In many instances, plumbing repairs are completed within one service call to save you time and money. [...]

Trenchless Pipe Re‑lining

Don't replace -rehabilitate! Relining saves you money. The process of rehabilitating pipes using relining was invented in the UK over 30 years ago.  Relining technology systems and materials have been utilized to install millions of feet of relined pipe worldwide. Why Reline? It's Less Costly than full replacement It's Faster than replacing the original line It's [...]